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How to Center a Video in HTML

Inserting a video onto an HTML webpage can be great for your visitors. If you are working on a passion project, it can also add visual identity to the final product. Those working with a distinct project or brand will also have the opportunity t

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Most popular upcoming NFT projects

With millions of NFTs on sale, it can be difficult to find new NFT projects that are being launched on a daily basis. If you are looking for ways to cut through the noise for determining the best NFTs projects to follow and invest, then this gui

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The Technology Inside Seiko Watches

Watches are all the rage these days. Some people prefer smartwatches, some like traditional ones, and some like a mix of both. One of the most innovative brands of watches on the market is Seiko. Seiko has been in the watch business for quite a

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WP Buffs Review

There are many essential layers to creating a successful WordPress blog. One of them is to ensure that the blog is maintained correctly. Part of this will depend on the traffic your blog receives, as more traffic often requires more maintenance.

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A Short Guide to Minimalist Blogging

So, you want to become a blogger? Whether you fancy blogging full time as a career or just on the weekends when you have some thoughts to share with the world, your first step is building your website. We’ve tried and tested many different theme

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

So you’ve decided that you need to hire a digital marketing agency. Now what? Do you know what metrics you’re looking to improve and how to quantify marketing success? This article discusses the effect digital marketing has on your business’s bo

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