Where to Download Free Framer Templates

Framer has emerged as a powerful prototyping tool that allows designers and developers to craft visually stunning and interactive websites. To jumpstart your creative journey without breaking the bank, this article will explore various online platforms where you can download free Framer templates. From ready-made designs to customizable components, these websites offer a plethora of resources to help you bring your projects to life with ease.

Framer Official Website:

The official Framer website itself is a treasure trove of free resources. Framer generously provides a selection of high-quality templates that cater to various design needs. Simply visit their website, explore the “Templates” section, and find the perfect starting point for your next project. These templates are created by experienced designers and serve as a fantastic foundation for your own innovative ideas.


SuperbThemes not only offers premium Framer templates but also provides a generous selection of free templates for designers on a budget. Their free collection boasts an array of templates for diverse industries and design preferences. With these templates, you can kickstart your creative process without spending a dime, making it an excellent option for designers looking to experiment and learn.


Gumroad Discover is another popular platform that hosts a vast collection of creative resources, including free Framer templates. Talented designers and developers share their creations on this platform, allowing you to access unique and high-quality templates for free. Browse through the collection, find the ones that resonate with your project, and download them hassle-free.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a well-known marketplace for design assets, and it’s also a great destination for free Framer templates. On this platform, you can discover an ever-growing selection of templates created by skilled professionals. Downloading templates from Creative Market gives you access to a wide range of designs, ensuring you’ll find templates that match your vision and project requirements.

Use Your Creativity:

With these incredible resources at your disposal, you can now embark on a creative journey with Framer without worrying about the cost. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting, utilizing free Framer templates will not only save time but also provide valuable insights into design trends and best practices.


Downloading free Framer templates from reputable websites like Framer itself, SuperbThemes, Gumroad, and Creative Market is a smart and budget-friendly way to elevate your design projects. These platforms offer a plethora of templates that cater to diverse design needs, allowing you to experiment, learn, and refine your skills. So, dive into the world of Framer templates and unleash your creativity with the abundance of free resources available online. Happy designing!

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