Digital Platforms Also Break Into The Business Of Real Estate

In the old days, selling property in Denmark would have been a long and cumbersome process. For international buyers and sellers, things became a lot more complicated. Denmark deals with property sales a little bit differently from other countries. Basically, if you were selling a property in Denmark, you would be hit with a rather substantial real estate agent fee that wouldn’t be split with the buyer. Companies like Brikk felt that the Danish real estate market was in for a change, so they took the idea of online real estate marketing to the Scandinavian country, and fees have come down for sellers. The danish real estate agency Brikk made a comprehensive guide on how to sell your property as a foreigner in Denmark – it’s a perfect 

What is Digital Real Estate?

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

When you opt for digital real estate agents, your property will be sold online. You will have very little interaction with a real estate agent. This helps to keep the price of selling property down.

With digital real estate sales, everything is done online. Your property will be listed online. In most cases, the property can also be valued online.

However, the significant change is the fact that the seller will be responsible for showing off the property. Again, this is going to help cut real estate agent fees as nobody has to get involved with that part of the process. 

How Does Digital Real Estate Shake Up The Real Estate Business?

Well, for starters, digital platforms entering the business have made it easier than ever for people to get their property listed online. Properties can be listed and valued in a fraction of the time that it would take to deal with your typical real estate agent. This means that the process can result in a property being sold a whole lot quicker.

Digital real estate sales also mean that your property is going to be put in front of a lot more buyers. When you work with a typical real estate agent in Denmark, they are only really going to be involved in the local business. This means that they are looking for local buyers. List your property online? The world is your oyster. Digital real estate sales have made it easier to sell the property to foreign buyers.

Foreign sellers are probably going to benefit from digital real estate sales too. A digital platform means that you can sell your property no matter where you are in the world. Remember, even the property can be valued digitally. The process is quick and simple.

Are you a foreign seller that can’t show off their property in person? Don’t worry. Companies like Brikk aren’t going to leave you in the lurch. For an extra fee, you can still have a real estate agent show off the property for you. They’re a great company if you’re looking to sell a home as an English speaker in Denmark

All in all, digital real estate has shaken up the business because it is much more ‘hands off’ for everybody involved, without really having a major impact on sales. This all means lower fees for the sellers and often a far quicker property sale.


Digital platforms may be new to Denmark when it comes to selling property, but it is evident that this is something that will have a major impact on the real estate market. After all, many countries around the world already have strong digital platforms for selling property, and there is absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t happen in Denmark too. Not when there are more people than ever looking to buy a property and, more often than not, the first place they are going to start their search is through the internet. 

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