How to sell a Framer Template: Submitting a Framer template

Before submitting a Framer template, it’s crucial to understand the requirements and guidelines to optimize your chances of acceptance. Here’s what you should know:

Remind Me – Why Should you Sell Framer Templates on or

Benefits for Template Creators: As a template creator, Framer offers you a range of advantages to support your success:

Maximize Revenue: Retain 100% of the revenue generated when selling your template.

Monetize Free Templates: Earn income through affiliate links even if you offer your template for free.

Flexible Submission: No mandatory monthly quota for template submissions.

Amplified Exposure: Showcase your template to a vast audience, ensuring significant visibility.

Thriving Template Economy: Capitalize on the rapidly expanding Framer template ecosystem, unlocking numerous opportunities.

Submitting a Framer template – Requirements and Guidelines

Ensure your template meets the following criteria before submission:

Design & Layout: Adhere to robust graphic design principles encompassing contrast, typography, balance, and hierarchy. Embrace current web design trends, creating visually captivating layouts suitable for diverse devices.

Logical Structure: Establish a coherent layer structure and utilize appropriate element names.

Enhanced Accessibility: Prioritize accessible color contrast throughout your template wherever feasible.

Unique and Tailored: Each Framer template page should have a distinctive layout, avoiding minor design discrepancies. Tailor your template to a specific use case, incorporating features that enhance its utility.

Effects & Animations: Maintain consistency in effects and animations throughout the template. Deploy them strategically to elevate functionality and provide an immersive browsing experience.

Template Projects: Publish your template to a customized Framer website URL, ensuring all links function correctly. Seamlessly link navigation and footer pages to their respective sections. Utilize default or Google fonts provided by Framer while ensuring clear and structured HTML tags on elements. Incorporate alt tags for images as necessary.

Custom Code: Avoid dependencies on external libraries for core functionality or visuals.

Customer Support: Demonstrate availability and proficiency in providing comprehensive support to customers who purchase your template.

Creator Agreement: Templates exhibiting poor performance, containing bugs, or utilizing licensed assets without ownership will not be accepted.

Purchase Link: Facilitate template sales through platforms like Lemon Squeezy or Gumroad, including the share link to your product during submission.

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