With millions of NFTs on sale, it can be difficult to find new NFT projects that are being launched on a daily basis. If you are looking for ways to cut through the noise for determining the best NFTs projects to follow and invest, then this guide would be of some help. With over 4 million assets selling on OpenSea, which is currently the most popular NFT marketplace, and on other marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot, SuperRare, Foundation and Rarible, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the best NFTs to collect and invest in. 

NFT universe is ever-expanding and immense. It is quite safe to say that not all these assets would appreciate. If you are wondering what to look for in a project, then make sure to look for an NFT with utility. A utility NFT assigns a use to the digital asset outside of owning just a piece of art. It is one in which you receive a physical piece of art that matches perfectly with the NFT you purchased digitally. It could also be an access to the event, future use in the metaverse or exclusive in-person memberships.        

If you can find a project with a mission you can relate to, then that particular NFT could be described as the one with a utility. In that case, you are getting more out of your purchase than simply having an asset ownership. 

We have listed the most popular upcoming NFT projects that have created much of hype recently.  


Meebits was founded by Larva Labs in May 2021. It’s a pixelated 3D avatar that can be utilized in virtual environments. There are 20,000 distinct characters in the collection. Depending on the rarity of the characters, their costs can reach 100s of ETHs. An NFT in this collection costs roughly $14,700. Shawn Yue Man-lok, a Hong Kong musician and actor, has just invested in Meebits NFT. Other celebrities who possess Meebits NFT include Soby, a crypto Twitter influencer.

Solana Monkey Business

This is a collection of 5000 randomly generated 24 × 24 pixel monkeys. The benefits of owning Solana Monkey Business include NFT ownership and access to a community wallet. Each monkey in the NFT group possesses 99 different character traits. A payment of SOL 25001 was paid for SMB #790 which is the highest value paid for an NFT in this group. Phantom, MathWallet, Sollet, Torus and Slope are the popular wallets supported by the group. The overall transaction volume for SMB is 828.2k Solana.


Antonym is the world’s first NFT word-of-mouth NFT project. It will contain an unknown amount of characters. Owners of the NFTs from this collection can enjoy perks in Metaverse. The goal of this community is to build a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate innovation, caffeine, and art. Their ambition is to open a physical space in NYC where innovation and art at the forefront.   


SolPunks is more as less similar to CryptoPunks which is one of the most followed and successful NFT groups. It comprises of 10,000 SolPunks and each has its own set of characteristics. Alien, Ape, Zombie, Female, and Male are the popular SolPunks. 

SolPunks can be found on the Solanart Marketplace, which accepts wallets such as Phantom, Solflare, Clover, and Slope. Currently, SolPunks has had a total volume of 417K Solana exchanged so far.


This club is owned and managed by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who is also the chairman of VaynerX. VeeCon is the first NFT ticketed conference in the world. This conference brings VeeFriends token holders as one community for building lasting friendships, sharing ideas, and learning together.      

Degenerate Ape Academy

This NFT group comprises 10,000 collectibles and was created on the idea of making friends, eating crayons, and engaging in unrestricted, unrestrained, horrible behavior. The Traits and Rarity of each NFT are what distinguishes them. The Academy has a total of 137 qualities, ranging from common to mythic.

Mythic, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common are the most common rarities in the collection. It is available on Magic Eden, and Phantom and Solflare are supported by the Solana Wallet. Degen Ape #2719 is presently the most expensive NFT in the collection, costing 6969 SOL. It has a total volume of 270 K Solana transactions. 

Flyfish club

The Flyfish club is again owned and managed by Gary Vaynerchuk. It is the first private dining club for NFT members. The members would be provided access to a private dining room in NYC that would span across 10,000+ square feet. Currently, two FFC memberships are in the offing: standard membership for 2.5 ETH and Omakase room for 4.25 ETH. 

The standard membership allows you to reserve a table for up to 8 non-token holding guests. The Omakase option will permit you to book a table for the same number of guests and bring one to the Omakase room. A significant part of the membership would be that you can contractually lease or resell your membership at any point.   

Anime Gang

The Anime Gang is made up of 440 different elements, some of which have color variations, and all of which fall into one of four categories: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. The group also offers ten Exclusive NFTs, each with its own set of bespoke effects and animations.

Each anime gang member is formed using a custom unique generator that is supported by a complicated scalable system. A hash code is generated based on the gang members’ order, which prevents any changes from being made without being traced. 

Imaginary ones

Imaginary Ones NFT project is a randomly generated collection of 10,000 NFTs by visual artist cmttat. The goal of the collection is to make the NFT space more diverse and inclusive. The artist has introduced more women characters. A percentage of primary sales of the NFTs would be used to focus on good vibes only. 

Property’s virtual reality 

This is the most innovative real-estate collection game in the metaverse and NFT world. It aims to bring together the mechanics of the world’s popular games and to provide an experience like never seen before. Each NFT is a collectible card that displays a piece of real estate inspired by different economics and cultures.  

Property’s has been adding partnerships feverishly with other brands and NFT communities. One such partnership is with Crypto Baristas where the game will feature Barista-themed carts and shops throughout the land.  


This is one of the newest projects among NFTs which was launched in July 2020. Topping the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT group allows the users to enter the VR world, where they can create avatars, build homes and purchase land. Not just that, the owners can also trade the digital collectibles that they develop. Purchasing lands in Decentraland could cost you a hefty amount. As per a report, plots of lands were sold at USD 15.53 million in Decentraland in November 2021. Paris Hilton is one of the popular celebrities to be associated with this NFT group.  

Invisible Friends

This NFT group has been developed by the animator Markus Magnusson who has brought 5,000 invisible walking characters into life. The project would go live in February 2022 and has already gained a massive following of 250K+ members. Markus has launched a well-designed merch bundle. Even the illustrators at the Crypto Baristas project have been talking about this project.   


The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 Mekas that have been inspired by Japan’s Mecha universe. Mattey and Matt B, two pals and 3D artists have developed the MekaVerse project. This NFT group’s project’s roadmap involves bringing the Mekas to life through high-quality 3D-printed toys. The MekaVerse project is still in progress, with the founders and holders of the characters driving the plan. Future plans for the project include streetwear, collaborations with well-known artists, and the possibility of short films based on the characters.

Cool Cats

This is yet another NFT club that has been making headlines recently. It exists on the Ethereum blockchain and was launched in June 2021. It has 9,999 unique characters that are based on a blue cat animation.  What makes these characters unique is a combination of varying attires, traits, and facial expressions. The coolest thing about this NFT is that the developer can breed the characters for a future generation. As of now, the highest bid has been made for a Zombie cat which was auctioned for $3.5 million. These NFTs can be used as an art till now and the owners would be able to participate in various community giveaways and events. Mike Tyson is one of the few celebs to own Cool Cats NFTs.   

Wrapping up 

It is not easy to tell which NFT group would make a worthy investment. The NFT space is slated to grow rapidly this year. More groups are going to be added to the NFT universe and there would be more collaboration with the group. You need to decide what you are looking for and how you could benefit from owning an NFT and from being a part of a group. You can also use NFT Scout for finding the best upcoming NFT projects. It is a trusted and reliable platform for finding all the info you need on the most popular upcoming NFT projects.