Why Does My WordPress Website Look Different On Different Desktop Computers & Laptops?

You are here, so you must be wondering why your site has a different look on a laptop than it does a desktop computer or even a mobile device.

You are prob a bit freaked out with this discovery. Well, you shouldn’t be as this isn’t a big deal.

To remedy the issue, you must know the underlying cause. There are several factors that can cause this to happen. For example, the font size varies from a desktop PC to a laptop. Here, the problem may be as simple as the font type.

To remedy this issue, you must switch to a standard font, such as Kite One. Click on the Customizer feature to access a list of Google fonts. Click on one of the standard fonts to enable it on your WordPress website.

Why Your WordPress Site Design Looks Different On Different Computers And Devices

It is common for WordPress site designs to look different across multiple platforms. However, the basic design, colors, and layout should remain the same.

If you’re using a responsive theme, your site’s design should change to accommodate the user’s device. When someone visits your site on a smartphone or tablet, their screen is much smaller.

If you showed them your regular design, it would be too big so they would need to scroll right and left numerous times to read your content.

This would be frustrating and the visitor would likely leave. To prevent this from happening, responsive WordPress themes will adjust the site’s design and layout to match the user’s device.

For desktop computers, they will be able to see the full design as long as the browser window is maximized.

If it is minimized, they may see a laptop or smartphone version of the same site.

In most cases, there is nothing wrong with your WordPress page. Instead, you’re using a responsive theme so your site can be viewed easily on any device.

How Do I Make My Website Look The Same On All Laptops & Computers? Or Is This Even Possible?

It is a good idea to have a uniform site design. It would be odd for your page to look much different for laptop users than desktop users.

However, you have to understand that it may not be possible to get the exact same appearance. The web page will need to be adjusted to match the device’s screen size.

If the visitor is using a smartphone, your page will need to change dramatically. You can’t have a block of text in the middle next to ads and a search box on the right.

The screen is too small for that. Thankfully, you can remedy this problem by placing the search box above or beneath the page’s main content.

You may not get the exact look but it will be close. To do this, you will need to use a responsive WordPress theme or CSS.

With CSS, you can conveniently create multiple styles based on the screen size of the user’s device.

If they’re using a small device such as a tablet, your web page will shrink to match it. As mentioned above, the search bar and ads will be placed above or below the content.

Everything else will remain the same. This includes the general appearance of the page.

By using CSS, it is possible for the webmaster to adjust various aspects of the web page to match the user’s screen size.

For instance, you can change the layout, font size, width, ad placement, and more.

While you may not be able to get the exact same appearance for laptops and desktops, you can get very close.

When someone visits your site, the CSS code will analyze the user’s screen size and adjust the code accordingly.

This means that a desktop user will see the desktop or full-screen version of your site. If the laptop has a smaller screen, the site will be displayed in a scaled-down version.

For tablets and smartphones, elements of the page will be rearranged and compacted.

Can You Change The Page To Fit The Screen? If So, How On Mac And PC?

Is your WordPress page not fitting your computer screen? This can be very frustrating and you’ll want to remedy this problem immediately.

Whether you’re using a Mac or PC, there is a good chance that the page is going to look different on laptops than it will on desktop computers.

Furthermore, you may even notice that your site looks different on a Mac than it does on a Windows computer. The reason for this is because of the firewall and operating system. Mac laptops are known for their reliability because of how hard their operating system is to crack. But because of this they sometimes show code slightly different or are not able to show all of the page elements that a specific site may show.

As a webmaster, you’ll be able to change this easily. If you’re not tech-savvy, you should consider using a responsive theme.

A responsive theme will make the page adjust depending on the device the visitor is using.

Furthermore, you may be able to adjust the layout width by customizing the theme’s settings. To do that, you should check your current theme’s options.

If you’re good with code, you can adjust the layout using a style sheet. You will be able to create custom styles for different devices and screen sizes.

This allows you to create multiple styles for multiple devices.

For instance, you can create certain CSS settings for browser screens that are 800px or less. From there you can adjust the width of the page to fit the user’s screen.

Using CSS settings this way is good for ensuring that your website will look the same on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Again, those who aren’t good with HTML and CSS should use a responsive theme. This means that the theme will adjust to match the user’s device.

How To Create A Responsive Theme

WordPress users are lucky because this software is compatible with various themes and plugins. Before you can create a responsive theme, you need to learn more about WordPress themes and CSS.

Using CSS is the best way to adjust the layout, colors, and size of your site. You can use CSS to design your website, change the font type, adjust the font size, and so much more.

Once you’ve learned more about it, you will be able to use CSS to create custom styles for different screen sizes.

Don’t freak out if your site looks different on laptop browsers and desktop browsers.

This is good because it means your site is working fluidly for your visitors no matter what device or browser they’re using.

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