6 Efficient Brand Shaping Strategies For Social Media

It can be difficult making a new visual identity for your brand. Logos, messaging, and how you represent your company all impact your bottom line. Your social media accounts are a big part of creating your image. What are some ways that you can build your brand with social media? We are going to look at efficient brand-shaping goals you can set. Let’s get started and look at how you can start to expand how people view your team on the web!

1. Uniform Message

First, you need to make sure your message across all platforms has the same voice. What do we mean by this? What kind of voice do you have currently? Creative digital marketing agencies

understand the importance of speaking to consumers the same way each time you make contact. 

For example, an insurance company will try to express ideas of having great customer service that is always there for you. Many times, they will use ads that put an emphasis on how you can contact them at any time. The ads have a light tone in nature, but the viewer still understands the emphasis is on excellent customer service that can be contacted around the clock.

Financial institutions have a different voice since they are in a different industry. Many times their logos and messaging put an emphasis on stability. Logos might center around a rock or a stone, things that are constant and unmoving. Many financial companies will use a pyramid to represent their service showing that they will last for centuries with a strong base. This is the voice or messaging that a financial team wants to cultivate. If they go to social media and start to post funny ads that are no longer serious, it creates a split in their messaging.

Make sure the voice for your branding remains the same through all of your accounts. Twitter should use the same colors and catchphrases that you see on Facebook. Creative Chicago web design can help if you need some ideas in regards to a new direction for your company.

2. Online And Offline

Continuing with the idea of having a uniform message with your branding, this needs to be shown both online and also offline. Posts to social media often reflect what your brand is doing currently. To generate interest in what you offer, you might post pictures of a recent tradeshow that you are doing. That is great! It makes your company seem like they are staying with the pulse of the current trends.

When you post things to Twitter from a tradeshow, how is it done? Do your employees all look professional in a way that is going to brand your company in a good way? Many forget when they are posting to social media, they are representing the company that they work for. How many times have we seen in the United States where an employee for a company will post something to social media and then they will be fired. This is because they are a rep for a brand. Home Depot, Disney, and AIG all want to make sure that their employees reflect their values while they are at work and away from work.

For tech companies, posting to social media should give the impression that employees are using the latest technology to push the brand. Don’t feature pictures of employees with computers from two decades ago! A financial company would also need to post pictures that give off a message that the staff are always in control and concerned with security. Posts of employees having a wild night on the town will detract from a strong emphasis on serious branding.

3. Going Global

If you are in Chicago or New York, creative Chicago web design can help with your local market. Remember that social media is global though. When you put together a brand that is going to last, you need to take into account other cultures and countries that will see your posts!

We all understand the story of the Nova vehicle when it debuted in Spanish-speaking countries. For the United States and also Canada, calling the vehicle a Nova made sense. It polled well with the different markets that looked at it. The name was designed to have consumers think of a car that had power and speed. In fact, if you look at the Chevy Nova today from the ’70s, it is a classic car that still looks great.

Chevy did poor market research when they released this car in places where “no va” means “it doesn’t go”. Obviously, the full blame doesn’t land on the name of the product, but it doesn’t help. Maybe the product would have been successful if they had taken time with rebranding. What about your company? When you release a post on social media and you are using hashtags that are targeting people in other countries, make sure you understand their language and culture. You don’t want to give up on a huge section of the market overseas.

4. Building Relationships

With social media, you also need to build relationships if you want to build a brand. When you post on Twitter, are you giving back to the community? Are you answering questions to help users that are just getting started? It is important to pay attention to people that reach out to you. Maintaining good relationships with people over platforms like Twitter and Facebook are the things that will help create a good reputation. 

Do people view your brand as a brand that is kind and caring? Speaking with people over social media in a way that helps them is key. If a customer comes to you with an issue regarding your product or service, you need to respond quickly. This is a public forum and a good opportunity to show what kind of company you run.

5. Color Schemes And Logos

Keep colors and logos consistent. We already talked about how important it is to have a consistent voice when you are speaking through blog posts and things that you post to social media. Colors, logos, and taglines are also going to be consistent if you want to help people recognize your company. Nike doesn’t even need to post anything beyond the famous check. That is amazing marketing because you can say a lot with just an image. People pay for that image and the logo. Make sure your logo is the same each time with branding that is recognizable.

6. Creative Digital Marketing Agencies

Our last tip for building up your brand and getting results would be to use a good agency. Digital Silk is a great company that has a global reach. If you are new to branding and trying to understand how everything works together, make sure you partner with a team that understands your needs. A good digital marketing agency will be creative to attract new eyes to your product, but they also will be able to see where you are currently in terms of your branding journey.

For example, a company that has done zero branding before will need a whole plan set up. You need to decide on logos, what kind of themes to use for the website, and what SEO terms that you need to tackle. On the other hand, when you have a company with a very set brand that has a stylebook and also clear guidelines already for application appearance, that is a totally different conversation.

Give an agency a call and they can help you understand where you are at currently. Teaming up with a great agency is the perfect way to sharpen your skills. You may really understand your business well such as clothing or tools that can be used in the kitchen. Work with the people that understand branding well and there will be synergy between the two different worlds. Once you have a team behind you that aligns with your vision, you are going to see giant leaps in your marketing efforts. 

In Conclusion

In closing, branding is an important aspect of your overall strategy. Mobile channels like Twitter and Facebook give you a good way to reach out to local consumers around you, and you can scale it up. Start off with targeting your demographics that are close by. See what they respond to in terms of creative ads. Try and keep track of the hashtags that are successful. Once you have started to accumulate some data, run it through your analytics. Why was this particular campaign successful? If you can understand things of this nature, you will do much better as you expand out into other markets and other countries.

When you are putting together all these strategies for brand building, it will pay massive dividends in the future. Establishing brand identity now is something that will continue to pay you well into the next decade. A good reputation is worth much more than you can imagine long term. You will be spending less on marketing, be able to target consumers much more easily, and then expand into new markets with ease. We hope this brand-building guide has helped.

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