UNIX systems administrator Bryan Muthig established A2 Hosting in 2001 under the Iniquinet name. Muthig continues to lead the business as CEO, and A2 Hosting is still privately held.

In a two-room office, A2 Hosting gets started as a side project. Since then, the Michigan-based business has expanded to provide hosting for thousands of websites from four data centers. The “A2” stands for Ann Arbor, where the company gets located. Get the finest hosting deals with an exclusive A2 Hosting coupon code

Green hosting services

According to A2’s estimations, since 2007, a collaboration with Carbonfund.org has allowed it to offset the CO2 emissions from its hosting servers. Other green initiatives A2 has included allowing staff to work remotely, recycling used technology, and starting tree-planting projects. They also claim to be one of the pioneer hosts in the transition from HDDs (hard disc drives) to the more energy-efficient (and more effective) SSDs (solid-state drives).

What Sets is A2 Hosting Apart?

Offers Outstanding Flexibility

Shared hosting solutions may be what you’re looking for if this is your first time building a website. These are the most cost-effective alternative for beginning makers, but they can only handle a small amount of traffic. Fortunately, A2 gives you more choices – an A2 Hosting coupon code is available to purchase. You can easily upgrade your plan as necessary to keep up with your rising traffic due to the availability of VPS and dedicated hosting services. There is something for everyone with A2’s managed WordPress hosting and reseller services.

Presents Turbo Servers

With A2 Hosting, you may choose between a standard subscription and an enhanced plan with Turbo servers, which provide notable performance increases and can speed up how quickly people can access your website. Every hosting offers both basic and Turbo plans.

24/7 Support is available

A2 Hosting is always available for communication. We have found that the team is incredibly responsive and always willing to help. There is a thorough FAQ section for each hosting service.

Security Options from A2Hosting

A2Hosting also excels in the area of security. The vendor includes a tonne of tools that aid in running a tight ship- firewall and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, SSL certificates, and two-factor authentication. A2 Hosting has them all packed.

Thankfully, these functions are also accessible at no cost. Their hosting options use Let’s Encrypt to power the free SSL certificate. The amount of security provided should be adequate for the majority of websites, in my opinion. Other paid solutions are available if your project is Bigger and requires more.

Also incorporated by default is DDoS defense. The most common sorts of cyberattacks won’t ever be able to harm your website. Your site visitors will always get the best security and performance thanks to the fully integrated Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A dual firewall, Patchman software, and 24/7 HackScan protection are intriguing security features. Without a doubt, A2 Hosting is well-equipped and can get trusted in terms of security.


You can obtain the off-server Server Rewind Backup through A2 Hosting. Your backups get kept on a remote server other than the one where your website’s data get initially kept.

Data is divided in half and duplicated onto numerous hard drives using the Raid 10 configuration, which gets used to create backups. The utmost protection against data loss gets offered by this.

As a result, even if a drive becomes corrupted, your data is still stored on other hard drives, and the damaged one can get changed. Every 24 hours, a server-rewind backup is automatically made and kept on their servers for 30 days. It only takes one click to restore these backups. But you can’t use this service to create any data backups. To do this, you must either use the dated method of making backups using cPanel or choose cutting-edge tools.

A2 Hosting is a top provider of developer-friendly web hosting that provides limitless flexibility and all the tools you need to create a website. Host your website on A2 Hosting without risk due to their leading anytime money-back guarantee.