How to Find WordPress Themes in Nordic Designs

Choosing a WordPress theme is fun… at first. But soon it becomes a nightmare of finding a theme that fits your budget, works with WordPress, and has all the features you need for your website. When it comes to finding Nordic website themes, the struggle is no different.

In this article, we’ll help you decide if a Nordic website theme is right for your website, what to look for in a robust theme, and how to pick the perfect Scandinavian style for your brand! Whether you’re a blogger, seller, photographer, or just want to create a website for yourself, a Nordic theme can bring everything to life with clean, modern vibes.

What are Nordic designs?

Nordic WordPress designs are clean, bright and follow the highly popular Scandinavian style. You can expect to find a lot of white and off-white website themes, with the right combination of minimalism and “hygge”. This AlmostNordic recipe and food blog is an excellent example of a stunning Nordic themed WordPress website.

You want a little hygge – a Scandi concept of cosiness – in your website if you’re going for a Nordic theme! The minimalism is a key aspect too. While you want your website to be inviting, it shouldn’t be overpowering or too much. Don’t be afraid of wide gaps and plenty of space between elements. Less is more.

Not only does this highlight the elements that are truly important (your products or blog images, for example) but it also makes your website easier to navigate on mobile devices. This leads us on to what you should look for in a Nordic theme.

What to look for in a good website design

Whether you need a Nordic WordPress theme or not, there are still key elements that you should look for when finding the right WordPress theme for your website:

  • Responsive design – it should work seamlessly on all devices.
  • Good customer support – the theme creator should be helpful.
  • Regular updates – for both good security and to stay on-trend.
  • Fast and simple – easy with stripped-back Nordic web designs.
  • SEO-friendly – so your beautiful new website is easily found.
  • Upsell options – so you can boost your conversion rate.
  • Great navigation – web viewers should instantly find the menu.

A responsive, fast, and SEO-friendly website will ensure that your website is found by more people or potential customers. But above all, you should make sure that the theme fits your website needs.

For example, if you are a photographer or artist, you’ll need a website design that puts your portfolio first. If you are selling a product, it needs to easily integrate with payment platforms and widgets for social media sharing and reviews.

The types of websites that look great with Nordic designs

To help spark your imagination, here are some great ideas for websites that would look amazing with Nordic themes.

Photography portfolio

Unless you’re a website designer, the actual design of your website should not be the focal point of your website. This is especially true for artists and photographers who need a website to create an online portfolio. 

The minimalist style of a Nordic themed WordPress is great for building a portfolio. Clean, empty pages with nothing but your beautiful photos to browse. Pick a great font to match and ensure that the theme allows social media connectivity to spread the word.

Eco-conscious blog

Zero-waste living and eco-friendly practices are noble, so you need a clean and bright theme to match. The simplicity and cleanliness of the Nordic website design matches very well with eco warriors and bloggers. Make sure your photography and images on the website match those minimalist vibes too.

Interior design

You don’t need to sell Scandinavian style furniture to use a Nordic WordPress theme. In fact, the stripped-back appearance of a Nordic theme makes the website feel like a blank canvas, or a blank room. Then all you need to do is fill it with your interior designs and furnishings for sale. By having a simple, plain Nordic theme, you’ll allow customers to easily imagine the products in their own home.

Healthy recipe blog

This is another website blog niche that looks great with a simple and clean website theme. Maybe try using light wooden planks or white marble as the background for your website, to mimic a kitchen worktop! Furthermore, make sure the Nordic WordPress theme has a great blog comments section. Food-loving readers love to rate recipes and leave comments about what they changed. A good theme will help keep the conversation going.

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