A Glimpse at the Murf.ai Pricing Structure.

Murf.ai stands out in the realm of AI voice generation, offering a suite of plans catering to diverse user needs. Whether you’re a solo creator, a burgeoning startup, or a large corporation, Murf.ai’s scalable solutions promise to match your evolving requirements. See Murf.ai Pricing structure here!

Pricing Free Plan

Dip your toes into the world of AI voice generation without spending a dime. The Free Plan is perfect for casual users or those testing the waters, offering:

  • 10 minutes of voice generation monthly.
  • Access to 5 basic voices across 10 languages.
  • Collaborative workspace and commercial usage rights.
  • An extensive library of over 8,000 licensed soundtracks.
  • Support through chat and email.

Ideal for small projects or occasional use, the Free Plan ensures you have the essential tools at your disposal.

Pricing Basic Plan

Step up your game with the Basic Plan, designed for small teams or more frequent use. At $19 per user per month, this plan includes:

  • 60 basic voices in 10 languages.
  • A generous allowance of 24 hours of voice generation per user per year.
  • All the perks of the Free Plan.

This plan is a sweet spot for users seeking more variety in voices and increased generation limits without breaking the bank.

Pricing Pro Plan

For professionals demanding the utmost in voice quality and flexibility, the Pro Plan offers:

  • A vast selection of over 120 voices in more than 30 languages, including premium options.
  • No caps on voice generation, encouraging limitless creativity.
  • Advanced editing features and custom branding options.
  • Priority customer support for swift assistance.

Priced at $26 per user per month, the Pro Plan is the go-to for users who prioritize quality and unlimited access.

Murf.ai Pricing Enterprise Plan

Tailored solutions await large organizations with the Enterprise Plan. Offering all the Pro features plus:

  • Customizable voice generation limits and voice options.
  • Personalized support through a dedicated account manager.
  • Attractive volume discounts for large-scale operations.

Pricing is custom, reflecting the bespoke nature of the services offered.

Additional Pricing

For those needing API access or custom voice creation, Murf.ai provides:

  • API Access: Starting at $250 per month for 1 million characters, with favorable terms for annual commitments and larger needs.
  • Custom Voices: Personalized pricing to craft unique voices tailored to your brand or project.


What does Murf.ai’s Free Plan offer?

10 minutes of voice generation, 5 basic voices in 10 languages, collaborative workspace, commercial rights, and support.

How much is the Murf.ai Basic Plan, and what’s included?

$19/user/month for 60 voices in 10 languages, 24 hours of voice generation per year, plus Free Plan perks

What features does the Murf.ai Pro Plan include?

Over 120 voices in 30+ languages, unlimited generation, advanced editing, custom branding, and priority support for $26/user/month.

Who is the Murf.ai Enterprise Plan for, and what does it offer?

Large organizations needing customizable solutions, dedicated support, and volume discounts. Pricing is custom.

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