Creating a Blog Section for Your WordPress Business Website

Choosing a topic is a responsible task for everyone who wants to start blogging. We can give you two rules to help you decide on a direction. Start a project either about what you are an expert in or in a niche that is interesting to you, and you want to study. For inspiration and search for ideas, you can look at site directories and their ratings. The theme of the site and blog will influence further settings (design, widgets, etc.). Have you chosen a theme? Ok, let’s move on.

Installing an SSL Certificate

SSL certificate provides a secure connection between the site and the visitor. Recently, this is a must-have setting so that both search engines and visitors consider your site to be safe.

The certificate is installed before installing WordPress so that later there is no such problem as mixed content. For beginners, it is recommended to install the free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Today it is almost no different from the paid ones. A paid certificate is bought like any other service or product, for example, the same day essay. After the first installation, the hoster will update it himself. The paid certificate will need to be renewed or immediately bought for 2-3 years.

Don’t forget about quality hosting

Hosting is where all site files and blog files are stored. These can be texts, pictures, videos, and other elements. It is better to buy a domain in the same place where hosting is. Hosting Beget, which is popular among users, has proven itself well in the market. The service has several hosting plans, including a 1 month free trial period. For beginners, the starting rate Blog is suitable. When your site and blog grow and you need more storage, you can easily change your plan.

Beget is recommended for being incredibly comfortable to work with. They have an amazingly responsive support team that speaks even complex technical details in a simple and understandable language. Keep this in mind, and do not hesitate to contact the support specialists with your questions. If you are not sure that you will be blogging for a long time, or you are on a limited budget right now, try to buy hosting for any comfortable period. Buying hosting is no different from any other online purchase.

Top 3 Best WordPress Blog Templates

There is a myriad of custom WordPress blog templates, each offering a different set of visual content and functional tools. The user, based on his personal needs, can choose a style suitable for himself, set it up for his own site, perform minor editing and start filling the pages with content.


Dazzling is the first template you should take a closer look at. When it was created, it was initially considered that this topic would be used as a small blog or portfolio, where photographs with signatures and small arguments of the author are posted. The advantage of this option is the minimalistic implementation, which is currently in trend, and adaptability for different devices with certain screen resolutions.

On the main page, in the form of a list, all articles are located by their publication date with titles and a short description. Clicking on it provides a transition to familiarization with all the information and photos that are inside the article. On the right, the developer has added a separate menu with categories, which can be useful when you have a personal blog in several directions at once.


Here attention is riveted more to one page, on which you can place the entire article or its main part at once. Below there may be the same blocks, but with a short description, and in order to read the entire article, you will need to click on its name. The top image on this topic can change automatically or by switching, and nothing prevents you from inserting an animated image instead of a static image. On the right is a drop-down menu from where you can go to the tab with contact information or to other pages that the user adds himself.


The EasyBlog WordPress blog theme is perfect for anyone who wants to get a minimalistic interface for their website and still has everything they need on the main page. The user can add several different categories or additional pages to the top panel, which will appear in the drop-down menu when the cursor hovers over the label.

EasyBlog does not have any huge logos or prominent external elements, so nothing will distract the site visitor from reading the article. From this, we can conclude that the EasyBlog theme is ideal for those site owners who want to emphasize text in articles, rather than photos or other elements.

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