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The Evolution of Framer

Framer’s journey has been remarkable, transforming from a simple Javascript library into an extensive platform for building and hosting websites. Initially, Framer catered to designers adept at coding, providing them with a technical prototyping tool. The second generation of Framer broadened its horizon, introducing a visual canvas and evolving into a collaborative web application. Framer empowers users to ship designs directly from the canvas to production, offering an all-in-one solution for website creation. But on what Framer marketplace should you buy your Framer template?

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Framer Platform Features

Framer’s feature-rich platform caters to both experienced webmasters and novices. It strikes a perfect balance between being powerfully simple yet robust, making the process of building professional sites enjoyable and swift. Regardless of whether you are working solo or as part of a team, Framer facilitates the construction of sites of any size with optimal SEO, performance, and hosting capabilities.

Templates and Customization

Framer offers an array of professionally designed templates to simplify the website creation process. Its AI helps generate a beautiful initial version of a site, allowing users to customize the design and layout per their needs. You can quickly fix top bars, sidebars, badges, and backgrounds with positioning options.

Complete Website Management

The convenience of managing and updating a website is crucial, and Framer has leaped forward in this regard. It allows users to build, launch, and update websites without any third-party tool, providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Additionally, the platform offers plugins to connect your site to popular apps, helping enhance its functionality.

With its comprehensive suite of tools, Framer has redefined website creation. Users can now enjoy creating sites with superior quality, speed, and scalability without extensive coding knowledge. Whether designing a responsive site with 3D animation or running a blog, Framer provides an end-to-end solution for every need.

A Strong Learning Hub to Boost User Skills

At the heart of our platform, we have a robust learning hub designed to empower users and enhance their skills. The hub features various resources and courses, crafted to expand user knowledge and bolster their capabilities. It is meticulously organized to provide all users with an enriching and convenient learning experience.

Abundance of Resources

We understand that every user has unique learning requirements, and to cater to this diversity, we offer a broad range of resources. One of our flagship offerings is a free 3-hour course dedicated to website creation with Framer. Industry experts have curated this course to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. Additionally, we host many educational videos on our YouTube channel to foster self-paced learning and skill enhancement.

The Framer Marketplace

Our Framer marketplace is an innovative platform where designers can monetize their skills by selling unique templates. This marketplace provides an excellent opportunity for designers to showcase their work to a broad audience and earn from their creativity and effort.

SuperbThemes Framer marketplace

Partnership with SuperbThemes

We are proud to have partnered with SuperbThemes, an exclusive platform that allows designers to display and monetize their creations. SuperbThemes, recognized for its dedicated support to designers, ensures the smooth operation of the marketplace and offers services that assist designers in their journey.

Services Offered by SuperbThemes

SuperbThemes offers a range of services aimed at supporting designers in our marketplace. These include handling customer support inquiries, managing chargebacks, and assisting in marketing the templates. The platform is committed to creating an environment where designers can focus on their creative process, leaving the operational and administrative aspects to SuperbThemes.

Benefits for Designers on SuperbThemes’ Framer Marketplace

Transparency in Sales Tracking

One of the critical benefits that designers enjoy in SuperbThemes Framer marketplace is transparency in sales tracking. We offer an author dashboard that allows designers to monitor their sales in real-time, providing clear and accurate data about their performance.

Generous Revenue Share

We believe that designers should reap the maximum benefit from their work, and to support this, we have a generous revenue share policy. Ninety percent of the revenue from each template sale goes directly to the designers, ensuring they are rewarded appropriately for their efforts.

Convenient Payment Method

To provide further convenience, we have an easy payment method through PayPal. This ensures that designers can receive their earnings swiftly and securely, without any hassle.

We aim to create an empowering environment for designers, providing them with the necessary resources and a platform to showcase and monetize their work, with the benefit of transparent and easy-to-use systems.

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